Happy New Year!


Happy New Years friends and fans. This is as good as it gets here at Castlepoint, Wairarapa, NZ. Already over by now. But we had the beach, bbq, sangria, lots of driving and a new friend (baby hedgehog). Wish u all an amazing new year. Love Panda xx



Woah! I can’t find any words. FANPOST! Can you imagine that? There are people recognizing this blog! Holy panda this is awesome! I never thought this could ever happen. What a nice Christmas present. Thank you so much Jérémy! And you also picked the right location! Remember our weather at Mt. Doom when we did the Tongariro Northern Curcuit? Thanks to you, bro. Now, everybody out there can see how the view should be on a nice day!

The Settlers of Catan

Weather has changed on the third day of the Tongariro Northern Circuit. For the first time we could see distant mountain ranges and landscapes that remind us on nice evenings with our board game mates. In total we spend 17 nights in a row in the car or in huts with similar temperature and comfort. So the beard is no lie!

Soon we will have a propper connection to the internet!

The Battle for Middle-Earth

Oh my gosh! Do I look like Edmont Hillary? The walk is advertised as beautiful. No words about survival training. You might ignore that you’re soaking wet but not the wind that is trying to push you over the edge! You had to lean to the wind and keep your face out of the hard and ice cold rain. That was truly an adventure rather than a nice sightseeing trip.

Mt. Doom’s Day

You can’t always be lucky. Today a volcano is doing what you would expect: making clouds. So we’ve been very close to Mount Doom without seeing it. But we felt the aura!
The track you see here is part off the Tongariro Crossing, the busiest 1-day-walk of New Zealand and one of the most beautiful ones.. Can’t agree with that.
Anyway our walk along the Tongariro Northern Circuit goes on.

Chances of a White Christmas: 100%


The panda made his way through jungle, bushland, grassland, snow, mud and gravel, combined with countless stairs and here we are: Fantham peak, 1966 m. The air is cool, the ground feels warm. We’re standing on a volcano! Time to collect some nice rocks with interesting mineral content.

But this 7-hour-hike was just the beginning. Stay tuned! The next days the Panda is on a challenging 3-day-trip: The Tongariro Northern Circuit!

PS: News on the blog will be delayed, because the Panda is currently living in his car and has a lot of work to do with seeking accommodation and jobs in the vineyards of Wairarapa.

Stairway to Heaven

Oh Mount Egmont, you’re so wonderful! The only thing that could be better is less rainy days. The region of Taranaki hasn’t only the most hours of sun but also most precipitation. Anyway the panda is getting addicted to Taranaki and this awesome view. He has to come back when the time is right. But first let’s climb that beauty and have a closer look!