Another place where you can’t use a camera to catch the flare and you’re feelings. Imagine standing in front of a giant hole with a depth of 357m without rails or safety ropes. You can’t? Then it’s worth visiting the Harwoods Hole on your way to Abel Tasman. Coz the latter kinda sucks. The panda hiked a loop track including the last part of the great Abel Tasman walk. And this should be the best part! But it’s just not worth it. It consists of cool beaches that you can have right at the starting point, heaps of comparatively boring forest combined with an uncountable number of up and downs. Seriously, this track is ridiculous. Seems like they tried to expand your hike to the maximum. A walk that could be done in probably 4 hours is stretched to 8 by adding pointless curves and slopes. And the average hiker has to pay for one more night in a hut. But the panda didn’t give a shit and walked these horrible 8 hours and decided not to do a single footstep the next day.


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